Clann Medical Centre provides the Universal Contraceptive Service for Women aged 17-31 years of age.

With this scheme, patients in this age group are entitled to free contraception consultations and prescriptions.

Who is eligible for the scheme?
All women aged 17-31 (GMS/DVC/Private) who are ordinarily resident in the State are eligible for the scheme, from the date of their 17th birthday to the day before their 32nd birthday.
Patients will need to provide their full name, address, date of birth and PPSN to access the scheme.

The free contraception scheme is due to be expanded to age 35 this summer.

What types of contraception are covered?
All contraceptive options which are currently included on the GMS Reimbursement List are covered. This includes contraceptive pill, patch and ring, Mirena, Kyleena and and Jaydess (coils, also known as intrauterine devices or systems; IUS, IUD), Implanon (contraceptive implant) and Depo Provera (contraceptive injection).
Emergency contraception is also covered under the scheme. Emergency contraception may also be accessed directly from the community pharmacist without attending a GP (now free of charge under the scheme).
The Copper Coil is not currently on the GMS Reimbursable List, although it is expected to be added in the coming months. Copper coils may be purchased directly from the surgery. The insertion fee is fully covered under the scheme.